Will I need more than 1 spray to get rid of my bed bugs?

The number of sprays needed to eradicate all bed bugs in a property will depend on a number of factors.

The size of the infestation can be determined on the 1st visit and this will give a good idea on how many sprays will be needed. For small infestations that are only a few weeks old one spray should be enough.

A medium size infestation that has been there for a number of weeks to a few months may need a 2nd or 3rd spray but this will depend on where the bugs are living, how far they have to travel to get to you and how many bugs or eggs there are.

A large infestation that has been present for many months will need multiple sprays to eradiate all of the bed bugs.

We provide a six month guarantee on properties where all bedrooms and living rooms are treated.

You may need multiple sprays if your infestation is being reintroduced. This would be beyond your control. This may occur where there is a bed bug infestation in a neighbouring property or in a place you visit frequently such as a work place, friend or family members home.

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