Why have my bed bugs come back?

This is a commonly asked question and there can be a number of reasons for your bed bug infestation is returning.

Below we have detailed the reasons why your bed bugs are back. Time is an important factor in working out if it is a new infestation or the same one.

I’ve had a treatment and i am still seeing bed bugs.

Probably the most common scenario, when we treat a property for bed bugs it does take 5 weeks to kill them all due to their life cycle. You must first wait for the live bugs (adults and nymphs) to cross over the chemical barrier and this can take 7 to 10 days. Then we wait for the eggs to hatch. This can take upto 18 days to happen and then these bugs will come out for a feed and cross the chemical barrier.

There may be occasions where a second spray is needed. This will be due to the volume of bugs or where they are living.

My bed bugs have been gone for months and now they are back!

This will be a new bed bug infestation. The only time it would be the same infestation is if you moved out of the infested property whilst the bugs were still alive. The bed bugs will go into diapause while there is no carbon dioxide present and wake back up when carbon dioxide is detected. Bed bugs can stay in the state of diapause for 18 months.

When you have a new infestation and you have previously had them it is a good idea to try and work out where they are coming from. Bed bugs could be crawling in from a neighbouring property, a place you regularly visit could have a problem or it could just be bad luck and they have been picked u9 on your travels.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. :) 

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