Why do my bed bugs keep coming back?

Have you been battling with bed bugs for months and even after repeated professional treatments they have still not disappeared?

Assuming that you have been professionally treated with a company like Bed Bugs London who use effective chemicals, then you need to consider whether the bed bugs are coming from somewhere else.

Are you living in a house share?

Have you discussed this with your house mates? Remember that only around 30% of people actually show bed bug bites, so they may have bed bugs but don’t realise it. If your bed bugs keep coming back, then the chances are they may be coming from an adjacent room.

A visual search from a pest controller or a bed bug dog search in the adjacent rooms can tell you if there is a problem.

Our prices get cheaper the more rooms you have treated so if you share the cost of the treatment it will make things cheaper for you.

Are you staying anywhere else?

If you cannot get rid of a bed bug problem, it is possible you are re-infecting your property from somewhere else. Are you staying at a Partner or friends flat on some nights and taking overnight bags?

Consider the possibility that you are bringing the bed bugs back into your home.

Have you spoken to your Neighbours to find out if they have Bed Bugs?

It may not always be easy to approach your neighbours but if you want to get rid of your bed bugs then it is necessary. We can offer 25% off the cost of treatment if you and your neighbour book with us and get treated at the same time. Contact us for more information info@bed-bugs-london.co.uk