What does a Bed bug look like?

Below are photos of bed bugs and their casings. These photos are to give you an idea of size. An adult bed bug is around the size of an apple pip and flat. Once an adult bed bug has fed, his or her body will fill with blood up to 7 times in size. This makes the back of a bed bug fatter.

Bed bug casings










Above is a picture of two bed bug casings. These are the skin they shed between each life stage. They shed this skin after a blood meal until they become adults. Bed bugs go through 5 life stages.

Bed bug next to 10p piece










This image is of a dead bed bug on its back. this bed bug has not a feed in at least two weeks. You can tell by how thin the bed bug is.

Close up of a bed bug










This image is of a dead bed bug on its back. In this image you can see the claw like feet. These feet are an ideal design for climbing up soft furnishings and wood. These type of feet do not like slippery surfaces such as plastic, tile or ceramic.