Useful sources for bed bug information

Below we have compiled a list of trust worthy sources of information for when you discover bed bugs in your home, work place or vehicle.

Bed bugs can be picked up from most places and are like little hitch hikers! They will crawl into a bag, suitcase or rucksack and crawl out once the item they are travelling in is stationary (more than likely once you’re at home).

Searching the words Bed bugs or bedbug can cause all sorts of horror stories to appear, from Burning bed bug infested items to properties will heavy infestations. None of these things are necessary and a heavy bed bug infestation will take at least six months to get to the levels you can find online.

The websites below are you first port of call when discovering a possible bed bug problem. These companies are completely impartial.

NHS An informative website about bed bugs and their bites.

Bed bug foundation The bed bug foundation provides bed bug information and education.

BPCA The Association for British Pest Controllers

University of KentuckyCarrying out independent Bed bug research

If you have bed bugs, please feel free to call us on 0208 0501412 or send us an email 🙂