The truth about Bed Bugs

In today’s blog we have compiled a list of all the information we know about bed bugs to be true. These are things that have been proven and tested

1. Female bed bugs lay eggs. They lay between 3-5 eggs per day, these eggs take 7-10 days to hatch and these baby bed bugs take 6 weeks (on average) to become adults.

2. Females need to be fertilised. Bed bugs will mate regularly; this will keep the females eggs fertile.

3. Bed bugs will live for around 4-6 months in a happy environment. A happy bed bug will be taking a blood meal every 7-10 days, be in ideal temperatures of between 15-25 degrees Celsius and have dark, small hiding places such as cracks, crevices and joints.

4. Heat kills bed bugs. This is a good fact to bare in mind when dealing with bed bugs. All insect life dies at 56 degrees Celsius. To kill your bed bugs you will need to maintain this temperature depending on what you are heating. For example, putting a duvet in the tumble dryer. Best practice is to place the duvet in the tumble dryer dry and heat for around 20-30 minutes. Heat will kill all life stages of bed bugs and their eggs.

5. Alcohol kills bed bug eggs. Isopropyl alcohol will kill bed bug eggs. Spray alcohol is the best to use and is mainly used as a computer cleaner. This will make any eggs that have been laid infertile.

6. Bed bugs feed every 7-10 days and can take multiple feeds. Bed bugs do not like movement, if a bed bug is feeding and feels threatened (such as unexpected movement) the bug will stop feeding, it will resume feeding again and this could be some distance from the first bite.

7. Bed bugs are not resistant to all chemicals. There are certain chemicals that bed bugs are resistant too. However there are chemical bed bug treatments that bed bugs are not resistant to as the design of the chemical and how it works means they cannot build up a resistance.

8.Bites are not a guaranteed sign of an infestation. Bed bug bites also appear like bites from other pests. Bite reactions can also be delayed. You could be bitten by a bed bug in a hotel on Monday and not react until Wednesday once you are back home.

If you have an signs of a possible bed bug infestation please do not hesitate to contact Bed Bugs London on or on 0208 0501412