The Psychological Effects of Bed Bugs

When you have never experienced a bed bug problem, it can be difficult to understand how much of a stress it is. Most, do not realise how much the bugs actually effect the mind rather than the body itself. Bed bug bites alone are stressful enough but when you start to think about the bugs and how they have invaded your home this can be even more stressful.

Bed bugs are hitch hikers that will enter our homes through, suitcases, rucksacks and luggage. We may not even know we have them until we see them. Bed bugs can cause an allergic reaction in some humans as they inject an anticoagulant, this reaction can appear on our skin in many different shapes and sizes. The Staff at Bed Bugs London have all allowed a bed bug to feed from them. Some of us, have reactions that are itchy and last for hours on end and others don’t have any reaction at all.

When discussing bed bugs with most people (who don’t discuss them daily) you will notice that others around you begin to scratch and most people will not notice they are doing this. This is one of the psychological effects of bed bugs. Now the problem is that your bed bugs could be eradicated and you are still sub consciously scratching. the scratching can appear like bite like marks leading you to believe the bed bugs are still in your home.

The other way in which bed bugs affect our mind is that they effectively invade our safe space. The place we go to relax, unwind and lay our heads to rest. The thought of sharing our beds with any pest from spiders to slugs is scary enough, but when you read the horror stories online about the stubborn bugs that invade your home that “nobody can eradicate”, your mind will go into overdrive and you will begin to sleep in unusual places. First you will try the sofa or like some of our savvy customers the kitchen counter and the bath tub! This then stops the mind being able to rest causing, in turn, more sleepless nights.

Bed bugs can cause delusional parasitises which is a condition where we believe either ourselves or our homes are infested with insects. If you feel like this in any way please speak to your GP. Bed bugs have also been known to be a trigger of mental illness as bed bugs can cause us to feel isolated, depressed and can lead us into a state of hopelessness if the treatments we have had carried out are not successful.  conditions such as these can lead us to do things that are unnecessary and costly. Things like throwing away furniture, Do It Yourself treatments and excessive cleaning.

Bed Bugs London can treat almost any home. If there are any thing we feel may be an issue we will make you aware at the start of the treatment. Clutter is the common problem as it can be hard to create a chemical barrier for the bugs to cross.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. :) you can contact us on 0208 0501412 or using the contact form