Summer Heat and Bed Bugs

Currently we are all enjoying the summery British heat at bed bugs London as I’m sure the rest of London are to. However in this weather bed bugs will be come more active and we are unfortunately more exposed to bed bugs during the summer months.

Once the weather becomes warmer we begin to travel more as we go abroad via plane, visit friends and family in other parts oft he country by train and coach and use far more public transport to head out to parks and pubs. This makes us far more exposed to the possibility of picking up bed bugs on our travels. When on public transport, bed bugs can crawl into out handbags and rucksacks from other peoples or from the mode of transport. We will then take these bed bugs to our destination, weather that be home or elsewhere and a new bed bug infestation will begin.

During this warmer weather bed bugs will also become more active. If you currently have an infestation, you will notice an increase in the number of bites you are receiving and possibly the number of bugs you are seeing. This also means they will lay more eggs and the eggs will hatch quicker, increasing the number of bed bugs in the property. The warm weather speeds up a bed bugs life cycle. The nymph stages between egg and adult will also happen quicker as they are feeding in a shorter time frame and that blood meal is taking them onto the next lift stage. Bed bugs feed every 7-10 days, however in the warmer weather it has been known to shorten down to 3-5 days.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. :) you can contact us on 0208 0501412 or using the contact form