Say no to Bed Bug DIY Kits

Recently Bed Bugs Local treated a lady who had been battling with a bed bug infestation for over two years. She was at her wits end and really couldn’t understand why she was still suffering. I asked what she had done and she informed me that she had been treating her house regularly with kits she had bought from an E-bay supplier. When I explained that anything you can buy as a non-professional customer would be very weak, normally around 0.026% active chemical compared to the chemical that are used by us as professional pest controllers which is usually around 9.66% active chemical, she insisted that the kits she had been buying from the internet were professional chemicals.

Sure enough the labels clearly stated that these chemicals were for professional use, however on closer inspection the chemical content revealed that they were in fact the weaker “amateur or professional use” chemicals.

This is a trap that it seems many of our customers have fallen into when trying to get rid of bed bugs at home.  The general public are legally not allowed to buy “PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY” chemicals.

Our customer was furious that she had been buying these bed bug DIY kits for nearly two years at prices ranging from £24 to a shocking £150 and the kits were never going to work as effectively as a professional treatment. She had ended up spending 2 or 3 times the amount of cash trying to save money by treating bed bugs herself than she would have paid if she had come to us in the first place.

But at Bed Bugs Local, it is not just the chemical we use that makes our bed bug treatments so effective but our highly trained technicians knowledge and skill. We specialise in bed bug eradication and our understanding of the bed bugs life cycle and habits give us a distinct advantage in the fight against bed bug infestations. Even if it were legal for the average domestic customer to buy the same chemical as we use, Bed Bugs Local’s treatments would still be the most effective way to eradicate the bed bug infestation and with our six month guarantee you get peace of mind that you just can’t get with any DIY kit.

So now for the first time in two years our customer is sleeping soundly at night safe in the knowledge that she has got the best in the business, Bed Bugs Local, to deal with her unwanted night time visitors.

Till next time,

Sleep tight.