Below are the current prices for our bed bug treatment.

Things to know:

  • It is generally advisable to treat all rooms in the property. Apart from kitchens, bathrooms and hallways as bed bugs don’t normally live there.
  • We offer competitive prices for treatments and offer a free identification service for bed bug images and samples that are sent to us. Please contact us with samples.
  • With over 11 combined years experience in the bed bug industry we are happy to provide advice on any situation. No matter how unusual it may seem.
  • With personalised aftercare, you will always have direct contact with your bed bug specialist that knows your property and your circumstances.

Prices for our bed bug treatments:

Visual Search £39

1 room: £120 (no guarantee)

Studio: £155

Each additional room: £50

Where we do treat all bedrooms and living rooms in the property you will receive a six month guarantee.

Bed Bugs London Six months Guarantee

Please read our page details of your bed bug treatment to find out further information.