Looking for bed bug treatment? Always do your research

Now, Bed Bugs London aren’t suggesting that you rush off and enrol in an advanced entomological degree course at Oxford, but asking a few questions and clicking on a few reputable websites can save you time, money and heartache.

Bed Bugs London pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of bed bugs and we will always take the time to pass that knowledge on to our customers, as we firmly believe that knowledge is power.  Recently I have attended more and more customers who have already spent their hard earned money with other so called bed bug experts. They were distraught that the promises companies made regarding the treatment and when they tried to get the follow up service they had been promised the customers were at best fobbed off and at worst completely ignored.

One lady had chosen a treatment that at a first glance was cheaper than it would have been with Bed Bugs London. However there was an “optional” follow up treatment which was not included in the price. So what was this “optional” follow up treatment and why don’t we offer the same kind of thing? The company said that if the lady was still suffering bites after 7-10 days they would return to do a follow up treatment, but at a price of course!

On the surface this seems quite reasonable and caring, but, a few minutes research on a reputable website will reveal that a bed bug’s feeding cycle is between 5 and 10 days and their eggs can take over 18 days to hatch. Once you know this, it becomes apparent that the “optional” follow up treatment is not really optional at all and is just a way of getting more money out of vulnerable customers.

Why don’t Bed Bugs London offer an optional follow up treatment?

The answer is that we always use a long lasting chemical that is as effective after five weeks as it is on the day we spray. And even if this hasn’t knocked them out, we will come back and treat your property again for free.

Another customer had a different expert in to do a full house search, the “expert” found the main infestation in the bedroom and suggested treating that room, (all good so far). However, when he searched the second bedroom he found a bed bug on the bed and declared that it was a random bug and that room would not need treating. This was repeated in the lounge only this time the bug was on the baby’s bouncy chair. This is at best unwise and at worst negligent; if there is one bug then there are almost certainly more of them hiding where you can’t see them.

In both these cases a few questions asked of the experts and a bit of research on the internet would have saved the customers time, money and frustration. But don’t take our word for it look up the info for yourself.

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