Job satisfaction

WE at Bed Bugs London are a diverse bunch. Amongst us we have a former publisher, soldier, crane driver, IT consultant and musician. Our MD even started off as a North Sea diver! But despite the wide range of backgrounds, we all agree that we have found most job satisfaction as expert bed bug exterminators.

A recent job shows why. We were called to a very elderly couple’s flat and found what can only be described as the mother of all bed bug jobs. Neither of the couple reacted to bites until recently, and both were very poorly sighted, so the infestation was allowed to develop for a long time before they became aware of it. There could well have been a hundred thousand bed bugs or more in a small two bedroom flat. This was not a job for the faint-hearted.

Normally a job of this size would require our heat treatment. This eradicates even the most difficult infestations in one go. However, for a variety of reasons, heat was not an option on this one, so we had to opt for the chemical treatment.

Given our expertise and our use of the most effective pesticides available,  we usually only need one visit to knock out most infestations. With this job we knew we would probably need at least two. After just one treatment, however, almost all the bed bugs were destroyed. We returned four weeks later to do another. This week, we ran one of our bed bug sniffer dogs round the flat and found it completely clear.

The couple’s lives have literally been transformed. After many months of abject misery they can now sleep peacefully. And that’s one reason why this job is so satisfying.