How to Prevent Bed Bugs Spreading

Bed bugs will spread for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is because there is no food available for the bed bugs. This will happen if we vacate the property for more than a number of weeks. Bed bugs feed every 7-10 days, as they start to get hungry they will track us by carbon dioxide and the heat we produce. If bed bugs cannot detect us near their living areas they will either track us to other rooms in our property or into neighbouring properties.

To prevent bed bugs spreading in this way, it is best to treat our properties and stay in the rooms we know have a bed bug problem. We can force the bugs to cross the chemical barrier to take a feed and in turn the chemical will kill them.

Another reason bed bugs will spread is when the areas they are living in become over crowded. This will happen as your bed bug infestation grows. During the first few weeks of your infestation it should initially spread around your room, for example from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed or into the skirting boards. As time goes on and the infestation grows the infestation will begin to grow more and may spread into other rooms or neighbouring properties.

It is best to treat a bed bug infestation as soon as a bug or evidence is found to keep numbers as low as possible.

Bed bugs are hitch hikers. A third way they will spread is if a female bed bug crawls into your handbag, rucksack or luggage. A female bug will do this to escape the male bugs. As you go about your day the bed bug will crawl out into a new location that doesn’t smell of bed bugs and start a new infestation. When travelling you should leave luggage in the bathroom as bed bugs do not frequent these areas.