How long do bed bugs live?

There’s a lot of speculation and incorrect facts and figures about bed bugs. In previous blogs we’ve covered the myths about them and bad processes when trying to eradicate them. This week Bed Bugs London decided to delve a little deeper and tell you about the actual bed bug life cycle.

A bed bug will live between 6 to 18 months depending on environmental conditions and food availability, and will follow a cycle of life stages.

The below timings are based on an average temperature of 23 degrees (we’ll cover more next week on why this is important)

  • A female bed bug will lay an egg
  • Approximately 10-18 days later the egg will hatch into a first stage nymph
  • 5-10 Days later the bed bug will become a second stage nymph.  The bed bug will need a blood feed to reach each stage of life. They will go through 5 cycles like this, getting larger each time and shedding their skin, until they are a mature adult
  • Female bed bugs will need a blood feed at stage 5 of their life cycle to be able to lay eggs when they are an adult. Females can lay up to 5 eggs per day.
bed bug life cycle diagram
The Bed Bug Life Cycle

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Next week we’ll cover ‘good conditions for bed bugs ‘ and ‘diapause’

Claire & Pete