How do I know the right treatment to pick to eradicate my bed bugs and how does it work ?

How do I know the right treatment to pick to eradicate my bed bugs and how does it work ?


Once you realise you have a bed bug infestation it can be difficult to work out what to do next. Bed bugs are a pest that make us paranoid, they have invaded our most cherished space where we go to sleep and relax.


A quick search online can reveal all manor of horror stories from burning furniture to moving homes multiple times. The first thing to do is not panic. Bed bugs will not ruin your life and do not spread disease.


Although the thought of having them is a scary prospect they can be eradicated from your home completely. The following steps should provide some useful information for what to do when you discover a bed bug infestation.


1. Use the internet as a useful tool. If you can not find large amounts of bed bug poo on the frames or spotting, try a search for low level infestations.

2. Always browse. Try to obtain quotes from 3 different companies.

3. Check for the following things when getting a quote: how many sprays do they carry out, do you need to throw anything away or bag anything up, do they provide a guarantee, what chemical are they using, are additional sprays included in the cost, and is there anything required from you.


For us there are a few things we do require. The room does need to have a bed and someone will need to sleep in the room for 5 weeks after the treatment. The edges of the room cant be hoovered after the treatment as this will hoover u the chemical and things cant be stored under the bed. We will always provide a safety data sheet after treatment in case you do have an allergic reaction although this is highly unlikely as the chemical is sprayed in places that you rarely come into contact with.


Our treatment is carried out by spraying a chemical that has a long life span protecting you against adults and eggs when they hatch. We target areas we know bed bugs will live in and paths they will take to get to here food source.


If you are concerned about a possible bed bug infestation please do drop as email at or call 0208 0501412