Getting rid of Bed Bugs- Who is responsible?

Often we get asked “who is responsible for getting rid of my bed bugs?” Having bed bugs is an awful situation to be in and it can sometimes be made worse in certain circumstances. Below we have listed the most common circumstances when discovering a bed bug infestation and the ways in which the scenarios were worked out between all parties involved for arranging a bed bug treatment.

If you have discovered bed bugs in your own home that you own, it is likely the problem is solely in your property and has come from a more common route such a travelling, public transport or visiting family member that has a bed bug problem. However there are instances where this could be a wider spread problem. These instances are only going to occur where properties have connecting walls such as terraced houses, semi detached houses or blocks of flats. If this instance does occur it is best to communicate with neighbouring properties as soon as possible. This situation can be difficult to assess as Bed bugs are not a problem neighbours like to discuss, you normally will have a treatment and find that the treatment does kill the bugs and reduce the number of  bites but the bed bug problem will pick back up again as the chemical wares down at there entry points, this is due to the number of bugs crossing the chemical barrier.

If you have discovered bed bugs in a rented property this can become slightly more complicated. This all depends on when the bed bug infestation is discovered. for example if you moved into a fully furnished property in the last couple of days, are being bitten and and then discover a bug this could indicate the problem was already there. A visual search will need to be carried out to  estimate how long the infestation has been present for. if, for example the problem has been there for a few weeks/months, you have therefore moved into the bed bug infestation and this would be the landlords responsibility.


Heavy bed bug infestation evidence
Heavy bed bug infestation evidence









If you move into an unfurnished property and the amount of evidence is found is like the above photo, this would indicate the bed bug infestation was initially present in the furniture and the place it came from. This infestation will now be in the rented property.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation and are trying to work out the source of your infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. 🙂 you can contact us on 0208 0501412 or using the contact form