Get in early and avoid the rush

At Bed Bugs London we see all types of infestations, from those at their very earliest stages of just one or two bed bugs, to those that are very well-established and where they number hundreds or even thousands.

Thankfully we have a wealth of expertise and specialist knowledge, as well as the very best cutting edge pesticides, so whatever the size of the infestation we will be 100% effective in eradicating it. However, the smaller the infestation, the quicker and easier it will be to deal with and the lower the chance of you passing it on to people you visit.

Remember, a single fertilised female can turn into an infestation of 100 or more bed bugs in just a couple of months and this can quickly turn into thousands more  if left unchecked. Our advice would be that, if you even suspect you have a bed bug problem, call in an expert to get it checked out.