Should I throw away my Mattress or Bed if I have Bed Bugs?


Pile of Mattresses

We often come across people who have previously thrown away beds and mattresses and it didn’t help the problem. Sometimes the very action of taking a mattress out of a house can cause the bed bugs to spread into other areas on its way out! The chances are high that bedbugs will also be living elsewhere in your home, only to re-colonise your new bed when it arrives.  Only very rarely do Bed Bugs London’s (now Bed Bugs Local) treatments require any furniture to be thrown away.
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    5/5 I am really satisfied and happy with the service, and would definitely recommend bed bugs London to anyone facing pest problems. One visit and the problem was gone! reliable, cheap and very professional! — Steve, SW2
    I was very satisfied with John's knowledge, thoughtfulness and his reassurance. All my questions were answered either by Claire or your staff with kindness and sensitivity at a very stressful time. I cannot think of any way your service could have been improved as I was totally satisfied. — Annabel, E9
    I was very satisfied with the level of service I received and the helpfulness of the engineer. He was very knowledgeable and yes I would recommend to my friends. — Juliet, North London
    Very happy with Bed Bugs London's Service - 5 star. The treatment was done in one visit only and didn't need a repeat spraying. We were delighted at how quickly you resolved our problem. — Tahmineh,  East London
    I am very satisfied. John has been great with questions and also follow up questions! The bed bug problem has been solved. — Sandra, SE12
    Thank you very much for the treatment. No bites last night, woo hoo. Cheers — Sarah, North West London
    Speed of service was amazing. Called at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening & had Paddy come round on the Monday at 7.30am. Amazing! — Claire, SE25
    I am satisfied with the service and the bugs appear to have gone. My technician is very pleasant and has a helpful attitude. So far I haven't had to use the guarantee but hopefully I won't need to! — Mrs. Ali, South London
    The service provided was excellent. 5/5 John was very knowledgeable 5/5. All questions answered 5/5. No improvements necessary as far as I can tell. Fingers crossed the bugs have gone, none seen in at least a couple of weeks. — Andy, N2
    I was always treated with sympathy and understanding of how stressful the situation was. I would definitely recommend to a friend! — Pauline, London E1
    I was so glad I found your company, after reading so many horror stories on the internet I was afraid the bed bugs would never go away. Paddy was very polite and the bugs have gone! I feel like I have got my life back. — Kim, Near Swindon
    Many thanks for your professionalism while treating my property, understanding, prompt service and compassion was very much appreciated. — Steven, Ilford
    I thought the technician from Bed Bugs London was very kind and knowledgeable and really did care. He came across as very genuine and trustworthy. Since his visit we have not seen any bugs or had any bites. — Simon, East London
    Would recommend, found having bed bugs very distressing, but your office answered all my questions and always treated me with understanding. Most importantly you got rid of the bed bugs! — Sam, Maidstone
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