Does Winter kill bed bugs off?

We have had quite a few calls recently from people who assumed that bed bugs die off over winter. We hate to break this to you but they don’t. It’s true that bed bugs like heat and, up to a point, the warmer it is the more they will bite and breed. But the cooler weather in recent weeks is only slowing them down, it’s not killing them.

If your heating is on round the clock, there should be no real difference in bed bug activity from the summer months. However, most people only have the heating on in the mornings and evenings, meaning the house or flat is considerably cooler in the days and nights than in summer. This coolness does slow the bugs down, sometimes very considerably, but it doesn’t do any more than that. In fact the bad news is that the cold weather actually prolongs their lives.

If you already have a bed bug problem and have noticed a big reduction in bites recently, don’t be fooled. They aren’t dying off, they are still there and they are still breeding, albeit more slowly. Our advice would be to sort the problem out now. You will regret not doing so if you wait until the spring.