What makes a bed bug happy?

Bed bugs need certain conditions to be able to get to each stage of their life cycle and reproduce.  The bed bug life cycle was covered off in my last blog post below. Good conditions are as follows: Ability to feed Warm temperature between 18 C and 30 C Relative humidity If the conditions above … Read more

How long do bed bugs live?

There’s a lot of speculation and incorrect facts and figures about bed bugs. In previous blogs we’ve covered the myths about them and bad processes when trying to eradicate them. This week Bed Bugs London decided to delve a little deeper and tell you about the actual bed bug life cycle. A bed bug will … Read more

5 common misconceptions when getting rid of bed bugs

Bed Bugs London deals almost exclusively with the eradication of bed bugs and so our engineers often come across customers who have been misinformed about the most effective treatments. We have come up with a simple guide to help you avoid making some of these most common mistakes: 1. Not sleeping in a treated room … Read more

Does Winter kill bed bugs off?

We have had quite a few calls recently from people who assumed that bed bugs die off over winter. We hate to break this to you but they don’t. It’s true that bed bugs like heat and, up to a point, the warmer it is the more they will bite and breed. But the cooler … Read more

Job satisfaction

WE at Bed Bugs London are a diverse bunch. Amongst us we have a former publisher, soldier, crane driver, IT consultant and musician. Our MD even started off as a North Sea diver! But despite the wide range of backgrounds, we all agree that we have found most job satisfaction as expert bed bug exterminators. … Read more

DIY Bug Sprays? Just say NO!

A large proportion of the treatments we do are for people who have already used over-the-counter bed bug sprays. Our advice on this is simple: DON’T. Manufacturers can get away with saying their products kill bed bugs because if you are ‘lucky’ enough to catch a bed bug in the open and spray it, you might well … Read more

Get in early and avoid the rush

At Bed Bugs London we see all types of infestations, from those at their very earliest stages of just one or two bed bugs, to those that are very well-established and where they number hundreds or even thousands. Thankfully we have a wealth of expertise and specialist knowledge, as well as the very best cutting … Read more

Why me?

Most of the people we treat ask the same question: why me? The answer is always the same: bad luck. Bed bugs are brought into your home in or on luggage, clothes or in second-hand furniture. It could be you that brings them in or your visitors. When the bed bugs make that fateful step … Read more

Clutter – the ins and outs

Whether or not you live in minimalist austerity or amid agreeable clutter makes no difference to your chances of getting a bed bug problem. Once you have a bed bug problem, though, the state of your home can make a difference. Bed bugs need hiding places and clutter provides this. The more stuff you have near … Read more