Get in early and avoid the rush

At Bed Bugs London we see all types of infestations, from those at their very earliest stages of just one or two bed bugs, to those that are very well-established and where they number hundreds or even thousands. Thankfully we have a wealth of expertise and specialist knowledge, as well as the very best cutting … Read more

Why me?

Most of the people we treat ask the same question: why me? The answer is always the same: bad luck. Bed bugs are brought into your home in or on luggage, clothes or in second-hand furniture. It could be you that brings them in or your visitors. When the bed bugs make that fateful step … Read more

Clutter – the ins and outs

Whether or not you live in minimalist austerity or amid agreeable clutter makes no difference to your chances of getting a bed bug problem. Once you have a bed bug problem, though, the state of your home can make a difference. Bed bugs need hiding places and clutter provides this. The more stuff you have near … Read more

Bugs on the move

Spring is in the air and bed bugs are on the move. Bed bug activity is linked very closely with temperature. The warmer it gets, the more they move around and breed, the more people get bitten. Bed bug heaven is between 20oC and 27oC and last week’s temperatures in and around London weren’t far … Read more