Say no to Bed Bug DIY Kits

Recently Bed Bugs Local treated a lady who had been battling with a bed bug infestation for over two years. She was at her wits end and really couldn’t understand why she was still suffering. I asked what she had done and she informed me that she had been treating her house regularly with kits she had … Read more

Bed Bugs under the Microscope

At Bed Bugs Local, talking about bed bugs all day can make you a bit paranoid. One of our newest staff members had noticed a cluster of bugs on her window sill and was worried that they were bed bugs. Although our technicians were sure from her description that these were not bed bugs, she … Read more

Beware Bed Bug Foggers

Bed Bugs Local have been advising our customers not to use foggers or bug bombs to get rid of bed bugs for years, but now it’s been scientifically proven!  The Journal of Economic Entomology has published a paper on why bombers are ineffective against Bed Bugs by Susan C. Jones and Joshua L. Bryant. Jones … Read more

Bed Bugs on the move across Europe

It’s common knowledge at Bed Bugs Local and across the industry that Bed Bug infestations have exploded in London and the UK, but we are hearing more and more reports about Bed Bugs across Europe. Spanish holiday destinations seem to crop up with many of the treatments we are doing for people who have unwittingly … Read more

Bed Bugs London goes Local

Bed Bugs London has been helping customers get rid of bed bugs in Greater London for years.  We have now branched out and can offer our specialist bed bug services in East Sussex, including Brighton, Eastbourne, Crawley, Hastings; and Kent, including Dover, Margate, Canterbury, Maidstone. Our Bed Bugs Local technicians are all qualified pest controllers … Read more

Why do my bed bugs keep coming back?

Have you been battling with bed bugs for months and even after repeated professional treatments they have still not disappeared? Assuming that you have been professionally treated with a company like Bed Bugs London who use effective chemicals, then you need to consider whether the bed bugs are coming from somewhere else. Are you living … Read more

Bed Bug Diapause

Bed Bugs London’s last blog post touched on what will happen if a bed bug does not have the right environment to feed and live. One of the outcomes can be that the stronger adult bed bugs go into Diapause. This is a very deep hibernation that a bed bug will go into where they … Read more

What makes a bed bug happy?

Bed bugs need certain conditions to be able to get to each stage of their life cycle and reproduce.  The bed bug life cycle was covered off in my last blog post below. Good conditions are as follows: Ability to feed Warm temperature between 18 C and 30 C Relative humidity If the conditions above … Read more

How long do bed bugs live?

There’s a lot of speculation and incorrect facts and figures about bed bugs. In previous blogs we’ve covered the myths about them and bad processes when trying to eradicate them. This week Bed Bugs London decided to delve a little deeper and tell you about the actual bed bug life cycle. A bed bug will … Read more