How to stop bed bugs biting

The internet is full of advice about how to stop bed bugs biting.  The traps seem to get more and more convoluted and don’t usually end in comfortable night’s sleep! I only know of a few methods that stop bed bugs biting temporarily and to be honest they are pretty extreme things to do add … Read more

Help us to Help You- War on Bed Bugs Part 1

At Bed Bugs Local (Bed Bugs London), our technicians will do their up-most to kill as many bed bugs as they can when visiting your home.  However, when you have a bed bug treatment which uses pesticides and not bed bug heat treatment, there are certain precautions that you, the customer, must take to ensure … Read more

Bed Bug Spray Repellents

Do they work?  From personal experience when I’ve been treating rooms heavily infested with bed bugs, I often get a few bed bug bites. To avoid this, I sometimes apply a natural pyrethrins 1% to my skin- I find this spray keeps bed bugs away from the area it’s been applied for a few hours … Read more

Who is responsible for Killing bed bugs?

When carrying out bed bug treatments we often get asked “whose fault is it that there is a bed bug infestation?” The simple answer is that it is nobody’s “fault”. Bed bugs are opportunistic hitchhikers and it is just bad luck to suffer from a bed bug infestation. However, the question remains “who is responsible … Read more

Bed Bug Advice

The phones have been busy at Bed Bugs Local – the girls in the London office have been busy advising worried members of the public about bed bugs dos and don’ts. We thought it would be useful to share some of hot bed bug topics this week. Mattress Protectors Some callers asked if using a … Read more

Why Clutter is a Bed Bugs Best Friend

Bed Bugs Local is pleased to say that we get rid of 90% of bed bug infestations with just one treatment. However, bed bug infestations that require a repeat bed bug treatment usually fall into the following categories. 1)      The bed bugs are coming from a neighbouring house 2)      The bed bugs are being reintroduced … Read more

Bed Bugs and Hugs

Bed Bugs might invade your bed and home, but we understand that they also get inside your head! As a Bed Bugs Local employee, a little bed bug counselling is all in a day’s work; we welcome calls from people who just need reassurance about bed bugs and regularly take calls from people wanting bed … Read more

Bad Luck Bugs

At Bed Bugs Local we often hear our customers say “Why Me?” “I don’t understand why I have bed bugs, my house is spotless!” “How can it be bed bugs I change my bedding every week” Well quite simply, the stigma that is attached to bed bugs is completely unfair and misplaced. Unlike rats, mice … Read more

Bed Bugs Local Highlights

Bed Bugs Local (formally Bed Bugs London) has had a long year fighting bed bugs. 2012 has been a great year, and here are some of our highlights: Bed Bugs London expanded into South England, Kent, Essex and Wiltshire and rebranded as Bed Bugs Local We opened our second office in Wiltshire We set up … Read more

Bed Bugs Local gets Social

In case you didn’t know, Bed Bugs Local (formally Bed Bugs London) are on Social Media.  You can find out more about what we are up to by following us on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. At Bed Bugs Local we can’t help but get up close and personal with bed bugs. Providing a good … Read more