Bed Bugs Geeks

Bed bug Geeks   Here at bed bugs london we are a bit geeky when it comes to the subject of bed bugs. No questions is to complicated or random for us to answer. We guarantee to eradicate even the largest of bed bug infestations.   One of the most common questions we get asked … Read more

Bed Bugs In The Spring

Bed bugs in the spring   As the weather gets warmer, we all start to prepare for holidays. Whether we stay in the UK or travel abroad to sunnier climates we are adding to the change of picking up bedbugs along the way.   Bed bugs are hitchhikers that we could pick up on our … Read more

Bed Bug Hints & Tips Whilst Travelling

Bed Bug Hints & Tips Whilst Travelling   ‘How did I get bed bugs?’ Bed bugs are mostly known as a hitchhiking bug. Their common mode of transport can also be the same as yours from tubes to trains, buses, trams and even in cabs, bed bugs are known to crawl into your suitcases, bags … Read more

Bed Bugs in the Media

Bed bugs are on the rise even starring in television series, films & the radio. The words bed bugs will creep the people out, with them wanting to do the upmost to get rid of the creepy crawlies. The award winning series ‘ Orange is the new black’ (as an example) has an episode where … Read more

Bed bug myths

When searching online for bed bug treatments the information you can find online can be really misleading. There are lots of different bed bug sites containing advice for how to deal with your bed bug problem. Some of the advice online is really great and other pieces of information are untrue. Below is a list … Read more

My bed bugs are back!

You’re being bitten and the reactions look terribly familiar. Then it dawns on you. Those are bed bug bites. If you’re experiencing bed bugs again it makes you think that it’s the same infestation. It might not be. Bed bugs have certain things that have to do in order to survive. Every 7-10 days a … Read more

Why Have I Got Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a horrible pest and they can make us feel dirty or like we have done something wrong. Bed bugs are a bed luck bug. They have no preference over whether we keep ourselves in a clean or dirt condition. All bed bugs want to do is feed and they feed from us. … Read more

What if it isn’t bed bugs?

When a bed bug infestation first starts it can be difficult to identify. Bed bugs are naturally scared of being killed or squashed so will spend the majority of their time in hiding. Bed bugs will hide in the smallest of cracks and crevices. The ideal crack or crevice will be small enough to slide … Read more

I don’t want to share my bed with bed bugs!

Once of the most common things we hear, here at Bed Bugs Local is “I’ve got bed bugs, I’m not sleeping in my bed any more”. This is probably the single biggest mistake that you can make. Bed bugs are highly mobile and will follow your carbon dioxide to where you are now sleeping, we … Read more

Bed Bug Treatment Review

On the 20th of April we had a call from Jane, a customer we had previously treated around a year ago. We had got rid of her bed bug problem but since that time she had moved house. A few weeks before she called she had been on holiday and since coming back had been … Read more