Bed bug treatment-how it works

We have put together a guide for our bed bug treatment. The guide is below. Please be advised this is how our treatment works, why it works and does not mean other companies treatments are wrong. We are all just a little bit different 🙂 Stage 1: Where it all begins! This begins from the … Read more

The truth about Bed Bugs

In today’s blog we have compiled a list of all the information we know about bed bugs to be true. These are things that have been proven and tested 1. Female bed bugs lay eggs. They lay between 3-5 eggs per day, these eggs take 7-10 days to hatch and these baby bed bugs take … Read more

What does a Bed bug look like?

Below are photos of bed bugs and their casings. These photos are to give you an idea of size. An adult bed bug is around the size of an apple pip and flat. Once an adult bed bug has fed, his or her body will fill with blood up to 7 times in size. This … Read more

Bed Bugs Geeks

Bed bug Geeks   Here at bed bugs london we are a bit geeky when it comes to the subject of bed bugs. No questions is to complicated or random for us to answer. We guarantee to eradicate even the largest of bed bug infestations.   One of the most common questions we get asked … Read more

Bed Bugs In The Spring

Bed bugs in the spring   As the weather gets warmer, we all start to prepare for holidays. Whether we stay in the UK or travel abroad to sunnier climates we are adding to the change of picking up bedbugs along the way.   Bed bugs are hitchhikers that we could pick up on our … Read more

Bed Bugs in the Media

Bed bugs are on the rise even starring in television series, films & the radio. The words bed bugs will creep the people out, with them wanting to do the upmost to get rid of the creepy crawlies. The award winning series ‘ Orange is the new black’ (as an example) has an episode where … Read more