The bed bug cycle

Below we have put together an example of how a bed bug infestation will grow from the moment it is introduced. Please be aware these numbers are not exact. There are instances where bugs can take shorter or longer times to feed. The eggs can also hatch quicker/slower in certain circumstances. The days/weeks and number … Read more

Bed Bug Bites

One of the hardest problems faced when you have bed bugs is working out whether or not it is a bed bug infestation you have. Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites and an infestation of any pest, can not be identified by the bites alone. Every person reacts differently to bites, whether it be … Read more

Bitten, but it’s not Bed Bugs?

Occasionally upon inspecting a property, we do come across biting insect problems that are not bed bugs. These problems can be difficult to identify by only the bites you are receiving, as everyone reacts differently to different insect bites. You may find you are bitten at night, when you sleep. The bites could be in … Read more

Bed Bug Q and A

Below we have answered a few questions most people have when talking about bed bugs. What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are small bugs, around the size of an apple pip, that feed from the blood of humans. They are not nocturnal. The do not like hair or fur. They have five life stages. Female bed … Read more

How can I avoid a bed bug infestation?

This question is asked by everyone, when the subject of bed bugs arises. Below are a few hints and tips for avoiding picking up bed bugs. Although not 100% fool proof this steps will massively  reduce your chances. Travelling in on public transport, visiting hospitals and care homes: I have grouped these places together as we are not normally … Read more

Bed Bug Products

Below is our personal advice on bed bug products currently on the market for bed bug home treatments, We have tested these products and see them in our customers homes. Bed bug moats- This product is placed under the feet of your bed. Their design prevents bed bugs crawling up the legs of the bed … Read more

Summer Heat and Bed Bugs

Currently we are all enjoying the summery British heat at bed bugs London as I’m sure the rest of London are to. However in this weather bed bugs will be come more active and we are unfortunately more exposed to bed bugs during the summer months. Once the weather becomes warmer we begin to travel … Read more

Bed Bugs in the News- June

Below we have put together the best bed bug news stories for the last month. Although they are not all from the UK, they all are interesting! This article from the Daily Echo is a good example of how bed bugs can spread in properties that have lots of connecting walls-such as this block of … Read more