Bitten, but it’s not Bed Bugs?

Occasionally upon inspecting a property, we do come across biting insect problems that are not bed bugs. These problems can be difficult to identify by only the bites you are receiving, as everyone reacts differently to different insect bites. You may find you are bitten at night, when you sleep. The bites could be in rows as bed bugs can also be. These are the ‘bed bugs, but not bed bugs’ of the pest world.

Below we have listed the common insect problems we come across that can be misidentified as bed bugs in their early stages. Please bare in mind we offer a free identification service should you have any concerns. Please email any photos to

Carpet Beetles: these pests do not bite, but we can have a reaction to there larve. The woolly bear carpet beetle larve have tiny hairs and these can cause us irritation. They can leave marks behind similar to bites and if we scratch the marks left behind can also appear like bites.

Mites: There are a number of mites we can get in our homes that can bite us. The common ones are bird mites and spider mites. These are also more likely to be in our bedrooms. Bird mites will migrate to our homes if there are birds nests near by. Once the birds leave the nest the mites will need a new food source. Spider mites again could be feeding from spiders in the loft and then move down to our bedrooms. Please be aware that mites are minute and can only been see in large numbers. Normally mites are identified through process of elimination and external factors.

Fleas: Fleas can be confused with bed bug bites if the infestation is at a low level stage. If you are not seeing the fleas them selves jumping around or any flea dirt. Fleas are normally introduced to the property through pets in our homes. However in London we have seen cases of fleas in homes with no pets. This is due to the fox activity on the garden, the fleas will then look for a food source and follow us inside.

Other insects that can cause an allergic reactions with out biting: The following pests are far more unusual to have a reaction to but it has happened. Lady bugs- lady bugs bleed through their legs when they are in danger. If one was trapped in bed clothes whilst you are in bed you could have an allergic reaction to there blood. Flour beetle- we are unsure if the cause of the reaction, but it could be down to the fibres of the beetle similar to carpet beetle. Mice mites- again uncommon but possible if there is a mouse infestation in your property. Spiders- will be a one off bite rather than multiple bites. The bite will occur when the spider feels threatened such as being trapped in bed sheets.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. :) 

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