Beware Bed Bug Foggers

Avoid Bed Bug Foggers

Bed Bugs Local have been advising our customers not to use foggers or bug bombs to get rid of bed bugs for years, but now it’s been scientifically proven!  The Journal of Economic Entomology has published a paper on why bombers are ineffective against Bed Bugs by Susan C. Jones and Joshua L. Bryant.

Jones and Bryant evaluated 3 different brands of bombers and found that there was little to no detrimental effect on the bed bugs.They go onto explain that because bed bugs like to hide away they can protect themselves from the insecticide mist produced by foggers.

Jones also advised that many bed bugs have built up a resistance to this type of insecticide, so it would be unlikely to kill them even if they did come in contact with it.

Bed Bugs Local has seen countless examples first hand of people unsuccessfully using bug bombs, and unwittingly spreading the problem further throughout their property.

“These foggers don’t penetrate in cracks and crevices where most bed bugs are hiding, so most of them will survive,” Jones said. “If you use these products, you will not get the infestation under control, you will waste your money, and you will delay effective treatment of your infestation. Bed bugs are among the most difficult and expensive urban pests to control. It typically takes a professional to do it right. Also, the ineffective use of these products can lead to further resistance in insects.”

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