Bed bugs- What to do when a guest is bitten

When a guest is bitten in your property, the immediate reaction is to move them to a different room. This may not solve the problem in the long run for your establishment or the customer.

If a customer has had their luggage in a room with an untreated bed bug problem there is a chance that a female bed bug could of crawled into the customers luggage. This bed bug could be transferred into the room the customer has been moved to, or the customer could take the bug home in their suitcase.

The best course of action is to confirm if the room does have a bed bug problem and that it is not a different biting insect. To check for bed bugs it is best to turn over the bed frame and look for the evidence of the bugs. Bed bugs poo every time they feed and this is the easiest evidence to find. This evidence looks like black felt tip pen marks. These could be on the frame of the bed, the skirting boards or furniture near the bed. Bed bug poo will smear when wet. (see photo below)

Bed Bug Poo

If you do find evidence of bed bugs the best course of action is to shake out the item of clothing from the luggage over the bath this should shake the bed bugs off. You should then heat the suitcase up with a heat gun, you could also heat the clothing and other items depending on there design and heat tolerance. Bed bugs die at 46 degrees Celsius. Alternatively there are companies that provide a service to heat treat luggage.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice.