Bed Bugs under the Microscope

At Bed Bugs Local, talking about bed bugs all day can make you a bit paranoid.

One of our newest staff members had noticed a cluster of bugs on her window sill and was worried that they were bed bugs. Although our technicians were sure from her description that these were not bed bugs, she was convinced that they were!

Luckily for us girls in the office, we are surrounded by bed bug experts and so Pete popped one under the microscope to put her mind at rest. The bugs were in fact a biscuit beetle (stegobium paniceum), or as Pete likes to call them ‘thunder bugs’ because they come into houses in wet stormy weather. A simple ULV treatment would get rid of these.

Bed Bugs Local often comes across many different types of house hold insects, so whilst we are bed bug experts, we also are all types of insect experts by proxy!

If you think you have bed bugs, check out of FAQ’s for the key things to look out for. We offer bed bug treatments with a 6 month guarantee.