Bed Bugs on the move across Europe

It’s common knowledge at Bed Bugs Local and across the industry that Bed Bug infestations have exploded in London and the UK, but we are hearing more and more reports about Bed Bugs across Europe.

Spanish holiday destinations seem to crop up with many of the treatments we are doing for people who have unwittingly bought them back in their suitcases. Our sister company Trust K9 has a mobile heat solution for this – click here.

Just recently we had a call from one of our customers who we had successfully treated for bed bugs in the UK, who wanted to know if we could provide chemicals for them to take across to their property in Spain where they have been battling with a bed bug infestation for some time. Unfortunately, we were not able to help as only qualified pest controllers can buy chemicals at the strength which will effective treat bed bugs.  We had a call from another customer in the same week who asked the same about their chateaux in France.

Another client had recently purchased a house and when he came to renovate it found it to have a huge infestation of bed bugs.  He complained to the previous owner to who explained it has last been rented to a houseful of back packers who had just returned from a back packing trip around Europe.

Bed bugs will continue to spread so our advice is that you can protect yourself from bed bugs by knowing the signs. Catch it early! Please have a look at our bed bugs FAQ.