Bed Bugs on Mattresses

Bed bugs do not normally like to live on mattresses. However there are some instances where they will.

Bed bugs will live on mattresses when infestations are heavy and it is an available place to live. Bed bugs may also live in mattresses if there parents have been successful there.

Bed bugs like to be hidden and do not like movement. This is why you are more likely to find them in bed frames, head boards and furniture close to the bed.

if you do find bed bugs in your mattresses the best thing to do initially is to give the mattresses a good hoover with a bagged vacuum cleaner. This way the bag from the hoover can be put into a bin liner straight after hoovering and sealed. This should then be put straight into an outdoor bin with a lid. This stops the bed bugs spreading.

If you do not remove or empty the vacuum cleaner after hoovering up bed bugs they could crawl out of the vacuum whilst it is in its storage space.

Once you have hoovered up the bugs and eggs you can put on to your mattresses, bed bug proof encasements. It is important that the start and end of the zip have covers to make it harder for the bed bugs to escape.

A bed bug encasement should be left on for the life of your mattress.