Bed Bugs In The Spring

Bed bugs in the spring


As the weather gets warmer, we all start to prepare for holidays. Whether we stay in the UK or travel abroad to sunnier climates we are adding to the change of picking up bedbugs along the way.


Bed bugs are hitchhikers that we could pick up on our travels. This travels could be as simple as visiting a friends home or hopping on a train, however in the warmer months we do become more likely to pick up bed bugs. We travel more in the summer, jump on planes, stay in hotels and visit our friends and family more. Our friend’s even travel to our homes, which could also put us at risk.


Now we aren’t saying you should become a recluse but there are a few steps you can take whilst travelling.


  1. When staying in a hotel ALWAYS put your bag in the bathroom. Whether it’s a suitcase,, a hold-all or a rucksack it is much safer in the bathroom (the bath is even better)  as there is no food source for bedbugs in the bathroom.

We have only ever experienced 2 infested bathrooms (yes 2!) as our customers were sleeping in them to avoid the bugs. Unfortunately the bugs worked I out.


  1. When travelling on public transport, always keep your bag on your lap. A bed bug is less likely to crawl over you to get into your bag than if your bag was on the seat or the floor.


  1. When you come back home if you are still concerned you can be extra vigilant with a heat gun or hair dryer. A bed bugs death point is 56 degrees Celsius. Use the heat gun or hair dryer around the edges of your suitcase or holdall to kill and  bug or eggs. Ideally place your bag in a plastic box so if they do try to run away they have nowhere to go.


  1. If you are worried about any items of clothing place them in the tumble dryer dry not wet. This will get the items hotter faster and will kill any bugs or eggs inside the clothing.


If you are concerned about a possible bed bug infestation please do drop as email at or call 0208 0501412