Bed Bugs in the News- June

Below we have put together the best bed bug news stories for the last month. Although they are not all from the UK, they all are interesting!

This article from the Daily Echo is a good example of how bed bugs can spread in properties that have lots of connecting walls-such as this block of flats. Different tenants have been quoted different prices for different types of treatments. A quote is mentioned of £1500 and this more likely going to be a bed bug heat treatment rather than multiple chemical sprays.

WE would advise in a situation like this that the best course of action would be to all use one company, get multiple quotes and look for a guarantee. We would suggest this option as a company should provide a discounts for multi properties, a guarantee will protect all tenants at the same time, you will all be given the same advice to follow and with one company managing the bed bug problem the problem can then be kept on top of.

The Daily Mail have published this article regarding a gentleman in Augusta, Maine. After being denied assistance from the municipality he proceeded to release a cup of bed bugs in the office. The office had to be closed and treated for bed bugs.

The Leicester Mercury have produced this article regarding the increase in bed bug call outs they are receiving. records from the BPCA show that Leicester City Council have received more bed bug call outs than any other council outside London.

This article from the Business Insider reported on the history of bed bugs after the writer ( Rafi Letzter) had a close encounter with the bugs. The post goes on to details how bed bugs first began in caves as bat bugs and evolved with us. Its an interesting read if you would like to know more about the history.

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