Bed Bugs Geeks

Bed bug Geeks


Here at bed bugs london we are a bit geeky when it comes to the subject of bed bugs. No questions is to complicated or random for us to answer. We guarantee to eradicate even the largest of bed bug infestations.


One of the most common questions we get asked are how do I know I have bed bugs?

There are a few signs you can look out for and as time go on and the bugs multiply some of the signs will become more obvious. Bed bugs are a pest which can take time to discover and it can get to a point where it seems overwhelming and daunting.


The first things customers notice are bites, however not everyone is bitten. I have been feeding bed bugs for 4 years and have only just developed a reaction (I know gross I feed bed bugs but I am a bed bug geek :))


If you don’t notice the bites you may notice spotting on the sheets, this will be a dark brown (dried blood) and will of dried. When bed bugs feed they inject an anticoagulant which will allow our blood to flow easily. Once the bed bug has finished its meal we will carry on bleeding and thus causing the spotting on the sheets.


The third thing to look out for is bed bug poo. This is a spotting on the bed frame the is black in colour. This will be stuck to the frame and is our digested blood. The way to tell this is bed bug poo is but taking a wet cotton bud and wiping the poo. It will smear and this will confirm its from a bed bug.


Finally the last sign is the bugs themselves. Some customers do see bed bugs early on, however if you aren’t seeing any of the signs above you may not be as vigilant. This stage can take 2-3 months of an infestation being present.


However don’t be alarmed we will get rid of your bed bug problem.


If you are concerned about a possible bed bug infestation please do drop as email at or call 0208 0501412