Bed bugs- can you get rid of them yourself?

This question is, by far, the most commonly asked to question.

There are plenty of over the counter products available claiming to kill Bed Bugs, and the majority of them will kill Bed Bugs on contact.

However a lot of these products do not have a residual effect due to the strength of the product.

Due to a bed Bugs live cycle, a product being used to kill Bed bugs will need to have a long active life span or the product will need to be repeatedly put in place to ensure the product is still working to kill the bugs.

Bed bugs feed every 7-10 days and the eggs take 18 days to hatch. Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices around the home (mainly the bed frames and sofas).

To erradicate Bed Bugs on your own you would need to insure that every crack and crevice was sprayed maybe every few days to ensure enough of a barrier was in place to kill the Bed bugs when they come out for their feed,

Heat kills Bed Bugs and this is something you can do yourself with a heat gun. However the same theory would apply. Every crack and crevice would need to be heated to above 46 degrees Celsius (a Bed Bugs thermal death point) to ensure all Bugs, nymphs and eggs are killed).

The Third option is freezing. Again the same theory would apply, every area a bed bug could be living in would need to be taken down to their kill point.

Heating and Freezing are great tools to use on individual items that your are concerned about. Things like pillows an clothing. However when Bed Bugs London treat, freezing and heat are not necessary for our treatment to be successful.


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