Bed bugs and Beds

There isn’t a bedbug proof bed but you can make your living environment more difficult for the bed bugs to live in. The below tips will also help if you are having a chemical treatment to eradicate your infestation.

The best type of bed to have if you have a bed bugs is a metal frame with a metal base rather than slats. Bedbugs cannot live in a metal frame for a number of reasons. There are not enough hiding places for them, metal frames are harder for bed bugs to grip onto and they prefer to live in wood and cardboard. If you do have a metal frame or are planning on changing your bed frame to a metal one it will push the bed bugs into the skirting boards, chest of drawers and other furniture more suitable for them that is in close proximity to you. This is helpful when having a chemical spray as it allows for more barriers between the bedbugs an us (their food source).

Fabric beds are a great hiding place for bedbugs but they are not the easiest to treat. There are far more hiding places for bed bugs in fabric beds and it is difficult to treat all of them. The fabric and padding can also absorb the chemical rather than creating a barrier.

Wooden bed frames offer a number of great hiding places for bedbugs such as the slats, joints and screw holes. Bed bugs will go into cracks that are as thin as a credit card. Wooden beds are also easy to treat as you can see and access most of their hiding places.

Storage beds are also ideal for bed bugs to live in but again you can see or treat the majority of their hiding places. When treating a storage bed or beds with draws, the items in the bed or the draws themselves will need to be removed for the five week kill time in case there are bed bugs in those items and to make it harder for the bed bugs to get to you.