Bed bug treatment-how it works

We have put together a guide for our bed bug treatment. The guide is below. Please be advised this is how our treatment works, why it works and does not mean other companies treatments are wrong. We are all just a little bit different ๐Ÿ™‚

Stage 1: Where it all begins! This begins from the moment you pick up the phone and speak to one of our bed bug experts. We will take details such as if you have been bitten, if you have seen bed bugs or evidence of them, how long the problem has been going on for and the type of property you are in.

Stage 2: we will then explain how our treatment works, provide prices and arrange a convenient time for a bed bug expert to visit your property.

Stage 3: the treatment. A chemical will be applied to your property. This can be sprayed to just the rooms affected by the bed bug problem, however it is advised to treat the whole property ( bedrooms and living rooms) due to the nature of the bed bugs. If we do treat the whole property a 6 month guarantee is provided. The treatment works against the bed bugs life cycle. A bed bug will feed every 7-10 days and the eggs take 18 days to hatch. With any chemical treatment you have from any company you do have to wait for the bugs to cross the chemical barrier. However bed bugs only feed of us and this is actually a good thing. This means we know the ways in which they will crawl and where they will hide in order to get the safest and easiest feed from you. The chemical will be applied to only areas nessecary to kill the bed bugs. We will not spray items that you will come into contact with often. When spraying professional use only chemicals you have to be aware of the possibility of allergies. Allergies will only occur once our chemicals are activated (when wet), therefore we will not spray bedding, clothing, mattresses or soft furnishings such as cushions or bean bags. The chemicals we use at bed bugs london for your Bed bug treatment have an active life span of 90 days and are micro incapsulated. This means (in the simplest terms) that the bed bugs can not build up resistance and the chemical is still active when the eggs hatch.

Stage 4: after treatment. There are a few rules to follow once you have had a spray however these are fairly simple. Once a Treatment has taken place you will need to try and live as normal as possible. You will need to sleep in the treated rooms to lure the bugs out, forcing them to cross the chemical barrier. No new furniture should be brought into the room as this would then be untreated creating a ‘safe space’ for the bed bugs. Do not hoover the edges of the room or wash down the bed frame as this will remove the chemical barrier. We suggest leaving around an inch gap. Do not decorate the property during the five week kill time. Painting or wall papering will cover the chemical barrier. Once the five week kill time has passed you should be bed bug free. However in some cases you will need a second of third spray due to the volume of bugs and eggs in your property. We provide a six month guarantee for treatments where all bedrooms and living rooms are treated. This means that after the initial kill time, subsequent sprays are free of charge for up to six months. At bed bugs london there are things we will NEVER ask you to do prior or during a bed bug treatment. These are: Throwing away furniture Bagging up clothing or bedding Freezing items Heating items Covering items in plastic.

If you do have a possible bed bug problem, please feel free to email us on or call us on 0208 0501412