Bed Bug Solutions

There are two main treatment types when it comes to finding solutions for eradicating your bed bugs.

Chemical treatment.
A chemical treatment involves your property being sprayed. Your furniture and room will be sprayed with a chemical that will be designed for bed bugs, it will be sprayed in areas that bed bugs either live in or use you get to you. This type of treatment will take a number of weeks to kill all of your bugs the chemical works by forcing the bed bugs across the barrier as they come out for a feed. The chemical can also take a number of hours to kill bed bugs. You may still be bitten as the bugs could die after they take a feed.

Heat treatment.
A heat treatment is the more expensive option. A heat treatment will heat your property above the kill temperature of bed bugs. All insects die at 56 degrees Celsius. This temperature will have to be maintained for a number hours to make sure all cracks and crevices are at the correct temperature. These treatments take between 12-24 hours to complete from start to finish. You may need to be out of the property for a few nights due to the temperature in your home.

There are things you can do at home to assist in eradicating bed bugs. These won’t completely eradicate your infestation but they may help to keep the number of bed bugs low.

Tumble drying.
You can tumble dry items to kill any bed bugs or eggs. This is good for clothing and bedding. Ideally you want to tumble dry your items from dry rather than wet. 20-30 minutes should be enough time.

Steaming can work for killing bed bugs. We would recommend steaming things in the bath as the bed bugs can try to run from the heat and if they do the bath is the perfect place to spot them and squash them. Bed bugs also have difficulty climbing surfaces like the bath.

Freezing is a good option for clothing and bedding. You may need to leave items in the freezer for a number of days to ensure the bugs are dead.

Hoovering will collect a large number of bugs and eggs if you can access where they are living. Make sure to use a bagged hoover and empty the hoover immediately into a bin bag. Seal the bin bag and place in an outside lidded bin.