Bed Bug Q and A

Below we have answered a few questions most people have when talking about bed bugs.

What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are small bugs, around the size of an apple pip, that feed from the blood of humans. They are not nocturnal. The do not like hair or fur. They have five life stages. Female bed bugs lay 3-5 eggs 9er day. Eggs take 6 weeks to hatch. They will feed of any human but not all humans react to bed bug bites.

Are these bite marks from a bed bug? This is impossible for a pest controller to tell. Bed bug inject an anti coagullant and tghis can cause an allergic reaction. If you do want bites identified the best thing to do is to see a dermatologist. If you have had bed bugs in the past you will know how your body reacts making it easier to determine in the future if you have a new bed bug infestation.

Are Bed bugs and duct mites the same thing? No bed bugs are essentially a bad luck bug. Everybody’s home will have dust mites. Not everyone will have bed bugs. you can pick up bed bugs on holiday, visiting family or friends or on public transport. They will climb into bags or suitcases and climb out once you are home.

I have a metal bed and wood flooring, where would my bed bugs live? Bed bugs are lazy bugs and once they work out where you rest and relax (normally your bed or sofa) they will stay as close to you as possible. they actually prefer wood to carpet and will happily live in and around skirting boards or in wooden slats if the frame is metal.

Are Bed bugs dangerous? current research shows that they are not. They carry 49 diseases but unlike mosquitoes and fleas, bed bugs do not throw u9 whilst feeding. This prevents diseases that the bugs carry entering our bodies.

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