Bed Bug Products

Below is our personal advice on bed bug products currently on the market for bed bug home treatments, We have tested these products and see them in our customers homes.

Bed bug moats- This product is placed under the feet of your bed. Their design prevents bed bugs crawling up the legs of the bed as bed bugs can not climb plastic. The outside of the moat is rough allowing the bed bugs to grip.  They fall into the moat and the inside is slippery, therefore they can not climb out or up the bed. They are also handy if bed bugs fall off of the bed frame into the moat. This product is not the be all and end all. If you currently have a bed bug infestation you will have bed bugs in the cracks and crevices of the frame and these bugs will be able to crawl to you for a feed without having access to the moat.

Bed bug mattress encasement’s- Mattress encasement’s are a great product if you mattress is infested. These encasement’s trap the bed bugs in the mattress, causing them to be unable to feed and eventually die. If you do put one of these on we advice leaving them on for a minimum of two years as bed bugs can live for 18 months with out a feed due to diapause. We recommend buying an encasement from Protect a Bed due to the design of the zips.

Smoke bombs- There are lots of different types of smoke bombs for bed bugs on the market however these a product you need to be careful with. The level of chemical in these products will be low as they are  not for professional use and do not require training but always follow the instructions. Smoke bombs have been known to push the bed bugs further into cracks and crevices. These can become an irritant to the bed bugs rather than a solution for eradication.

Bed Bug Traps- Traps work using either cardboard or a sticky pad. The idea behind the cardboard is that it is an inviting hiding place for a bed bug. The cardboard will be light in colour so if they do hide in it, when they poo the poo will show up. The problem with cardboard traps is there is no guarantee a bed bug will crawl into the trap. The sticky traps works by the bed bug crawling onto the trap and remaining there. More recently the sticky traps may also include a pheromone lure. The lure will attract the male bed bugs as it smells like female bed bugs. Having tested these traps we can not guarantee they would work in a real life situation,

Diatomaceous Earth- This product works by eroding away the bed bugs shell to kill the bug. This product will need to be placed in areas the bed bugs will crawl and they will need to either crawl across a substantial amount or walk up and down the same path. Bed bugs can survive for a time with holes in their shells depending on the size of the holes.

If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. :) you can contact us on 0208 0501412 or using the contact form