Bed Bug Diapause

Bed Bugs London’s last blog post touched on what will happen if a bed bug does not have the right environment to feed and live.

One of the outcomes can be that the stronger adult bed bugs go into Diapause. This is a very deep hibernation that a bed bug will go into where they effectively close down and go into a deep sleep. The only thing that is still active in diapause is the bed bug’s carbon dioxide sensors.

Depending on conditions bed bugs can remain in this state for up to 18 months.

As soon as carbon dioxide levels in their environment rise sufficiently, which indicates that there is a food source available-they will reactivate and begin feeding. At this point female bed bugs would need to have a blood feed to continue their egg cycle.

Diapause is one of the reasons Bed Bugs London DO NOT advise people to put items into plastic bags when being treated for bed bugs. If Bed Bugs are inadvertently packed away, if they go into diapause they will awaken when you open the bags.