Bed Bug Bites

One of the hardest problems faced when you have bed bugs is working out whether or not it is a bed bug infestation you have.

Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites and an infestation of any pest, can not be identified by the bites alone. Every person reacts differently to bites, whether it be fleas, mites or bed bugs. If you have previously been bitten by a pest you will know how you react. But if you have never been bitten by a bed bug you will not know how your body will react.

Everybody has different reactions to bed bug bites, from no mark  to red marks with raised skin that are extremely itchy. Reaction times can also differ from person to person. Some people may get a mark straight away which disappears within a few hours. Others may have bite marks appear hours after the actual bite.

Once you begin to receive bites the best thing to do next is to look for the evidence that bed bugs leave behind.

Things to look for when identifying bed bugs would be:
  • Spotting on the sheets.– When a bed bug stops feeding from us we will continue to bleed for a few seconds afterwards. This will cause spots of blood on our sheets.
  • Bed bug poo.– This is easier to find than the bugs themselves and will be on joints in the bed frame. This looks like black felt tip pen marks and will smear if wiped with a wet cotton bud. It will normally appear near where bed bugs are hiding, joints in the bed frame are an ideal living place.


If you do have a possible bed bug infestation please do contact us for free and friendly advice. :) 

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