Bed bugs and Beds

There isn’t a bedbug proof bed but you can make your living environment more difficult for the bed bugs to live in. The below tips will also help if you are having a chemical treatment to eradicate your infestation. The best type of bed to have if you have a bed bugs is a metal … Read more

Common Bed Bug Questions

What attracts bed bugs?  Bed bugs only feed on blood. They do not like hair or fur and therefore prefer to fed on humans. They track us through carbon dioxide and heat. They prefer to live in wood and cardboard. They struggle to climb up plastic and tiles but will find ways of adapting or … Read more

Bed bugs- What to do when a guest is bitten

When a guest is bitten in your property, the immediate reaction is to move them to a different room. This may not solve the problem in the long run for your establishment or the customer. If a customer has had their luggage in a room with an untreated bed bug problem there is a chance … Read more

Bed Bugs in Commercial Properties

Dealing with bed bugs in commercial properties can be difficult. However you can be proactive instead of reactive to bed bugs. Bed bugs are hitchhikers. For buildings like hotels, care homes, hospitals and universities it is impossible to control what bugs come in and out of the building. Being proactiveThe best thing to do is … Read more

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to get rid of. Although we have heard of cases where people have got rid of them on their own, without professional help, it certainly isn’t easy or quick. Our recommendation is to have a professional treatment to eradicate your bed bug problem. There are a number of treatments … Read more

What is biting me?

For some us, we will initially find bites on our bodies before finding what is biting us. This can be very frustrating as it is difficult to know where to begin. The good news is a bed bug infestation will always make its self known. Female bed bugs lay 1-5 eggs every day and the … Read more

What is a Bed Bug?

A bed bug is a small brown insect, around the size of an apple pip, that feeds exclusively from human blood. Bed bugs are hitch hikers. The females try to escape the male bed bugs and in doing so, crawl into out handbags, suitcases, rucksacks or adjoining rooms. If a female bug crawls into our … Read more

How do I Check if I Have Bed Bugs?

If your being bitten by something but can’t work out what it is biting you If you have stayed in a property with bed bugs and could of brought them home, or you are worried about having a bed bug infestation, the steps below will be able to help when looking for bed bugs in … Read more

Bed Bugs- What Not to Do

There are common mistakes made when we discover bed bugs in our homes. when we realise a pest has invaded our personal space, our go to reaction is to try and get rid of them ourselves and sometimes we can do more harm than good. Below we have listed the common mistakes made and why … Read more