Landlord Deals with Bed Bug Infestation

Mr Cornish, Peckham

The Problem
Mr Cornish is a Landlord and had been contacted by one of his tenants to complain of a suspected bed bug infestation. The tenant believed the problem was only in his room as he was the only one being bitten. He had caught a suspected bed bug and kept it for identification. Mr Cornish wanted to get the bed bug infestation treated immediately, but also wanted some advice on the best way to deal with bed bug infestations, as he has multiple properties and had not come across bed bugs before.

The Solution
Bed Bugs Local arranged for a visual inspection to be carried out in all of the 3 bedrooms in the property, and the living room. On arrival one of our Bed Bug Specialists identified the caught a bed bug. The Landlord was present during the search of the other rooms so could be on hand to see any evidence that was found. We found bed bug evidence in one of the other bedrooms and the living room.

We agreed with the landlord that it would be best to treat the whole property as he had long term tenants and we were then able to guarantee the property for six months. Mr P Cornish now knows what to look for in the future in case a tenant may have a bed bug problem. It has been four months since we carried out the first treatment and they are still bed bug free.