Bed Bugs Next Door

MissStockwell-QuoteThe Problem
Miss Stockwell contacted Bed Bugs Local after having three other pest control companies unsuccessfully treat her property for bed bugs. Despite numerous treatments the bed bugs kept returning. We sent one of our bed bug specialists to her property to carry out a visual search. He found evidence of bed bugs in her living room and bedroom. We laid down our tried and tested Bed Bugs Local chemical treatment in the whole property and were able to provide a six month guarantee. After four weeks we spoke to Miss Stockwell who advised us that she had not received any bites for a week or so which was a positive sign that the bed bugs had gone. However, six weeks after the treatment we received a call from Miss Stockwell saying that she was seeing bed bugs in the living room and master bedroom again.

The Solution
Taking into consideration the number of previous treatments she had been given, and the level of infestation, we deducted that she must have been getting repeatedly re-infested with bed bugs.Miss Stockwell did not have any regular family or friend visitors which could account for the re-infestation and so we advised Miss Stockwell of the possibility that it could be coming from a neighbouring property.

Miss Stockwell contacted her neighbours and explained the situation.  They were surprised but agreed to let one of our bed bug experts carry out a visual inspection of their property and found high level evidence of bed bugs.We then went on to treat all the rooms in the neighbouring house and provided a six month guarantee. Miss Stockwell and her neighbour have been bed bug free for nearly a year now.

Miss Stockwell is very grateful and keeps in contact with us.