Bed Bug Infestation


Mrs J, Twickenham

The Problem

For approximately 6 weeks Mrs J and her husband, based in Twickenham, had been suffering from a rash. Having seen a news article regarding the growth of the bed bug problem in the UK, they realised there was a possibility that their rash may be caused by bed bugs. Mrs J contacted a company advertising that they were bed bug specialists and offering a three month guarantee.

The company sent out a pest controller to assess and treat the problem. He discovered there were bed bugs in the main bed room and treated that room. Despite seeing a live adult bed bug in the living room he did not treat that area as “it was only a stray bug and would not present a problem”. The pest controller then left an instruction manual consisting of approximately 35 pages of instructions for the customer to follow including a deep clean after two weeks.

Mrs J continued to be bitten throughout the following 3 months and was told on repeated occasions that if she was getting bitten “It must be something she was doing wrong” and the company would not carry out any follow up treatments without solid evidence of live bed bugs.

The Solution

Having realised that she was getting no satisfaction from the first company Mrs J contacted was Bed Bugs  London. We had a bed bug specialist at her property the same afternoon, where we identified several live bed bugs of various stages in the main bed room as well as some fecal matter on the bed in the second bedroom/nursery. Mrs J reported having again seen bed bugs in the lounge as well as the adult seen by the original pest controller.

Given the history of the problem, we treated both bedrooms and the living room. We spent around 20 mins explaining her responsibilities and the terms of her 6 month guarantee.

We received a phone call from Mrs J after 6 weeks to thank us for our response and the successful treatment of her home. She also asked if we would be able to contact a work colleague as they were concerned that they had brought bed bugs back from their holiday. We were happy to oblige and successfully treated their property as well.

Both properties have been bed bug free for nearly 5 months.