About Bed Bugs London

Bed Bugs London are dedicated bed bug specialists and we have been running for many years,  offering bed bug treatments in Greater London, East Sussex, Surrey and Kent, to thousands of customers. We Have a 100% success rate,  having never knowingly been unsuccessful, we at bed bugs london offer a six months guarantee.Bed Bugs London – 6 months guarantee

The staff at Bed Bugs London care about our customers. We’re bed bug experts and will get rid of your bed bugs, guarantee our work and are there for support after your treatment.  We understand the troublesome insect and the impact a bed bug problem can have on your life.  We empathise with the problem and can knowledgeably offer advice.

Our staff are self-confessed bed bug geeks. We are always discussing bed bugs and are always reading up about them to find out all the correct information, so we know exactly what we can do for you. We would love to see any images you have of bed bugs even the weird and wonderful!

Fully qualified pest controllers

Our bed bug specialists are fully qualified pest controllers. We are passionate about what we do and  continue to evaluate new methods to eradicate and protect against bed bugs. More can be found out about our treatment by visiting our treatments page.

We have put together the answers to our most commonly answered questions on our FAQs page.

Initially when you first discover a bed bug infestation the best thing to do is gather lots evidence and information. Our FAQ page is a great source when you first discover a bed bug problem. Use this page in conjunction with other pages such as the NHS and the bed bug foundation.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please call us on 0208 0501412 today for more information.